About Ödemiş Commodity Exchange

Ödemiş Ticaret BorsasıThe activities related to establishment of commodity exchange which the economy is based on agriculture were started in 1968, and then in 1969, the professional committee elections were made and the first board of directors was constituted; and on the date of 01.04.1970, the Commodity Exchange was founded as a result of efforts by few merchants.

Ödemiş Commodity Exchange providing first services in moderate place rented (the place where Dilek Pastanesi is located) on the address of Ordu Caddesi No: 6 Ödemiş was located at the workplaces having its address at previous Agricultural Equipment Institution and Fatih Caddesi; and in 1984, purchased the office (Saraçoğlu Caddesi Atasoy İşhanı No: 3/210 in which it is currently providing services.

When purchasing an office, Ödemiş Commodity Exchange that is insolvent to pay the salaries currently continues to award non-refundable scholarship to almost 300 university students who are needers

4144 m2 land located at entrance of Ödemiş on the way to İzmir was gained to the Stock Exchange in 1989.

For the main pupose of providing for the use of its Members and Ödemiş, bringing in new service building (laboratory, purchase-sale room etc.), ordering faculty connected to university; Ödemiş Commodity Exchange purchased ÖDEMİŞ TEKSTİL FABRİKASI (81660 M2, Complete Textile Factories and Lodgings) which has been idle in our territory for years on date of 12.02.2009.

Ödemiş Commodity Exchange went in a partnership with Ege Tarım Ürünleri Lisanslı Depoculuk A.Ş company by share of 1% (1 percentage) through the decisions of the board of directors-parliament in 21.04.2010.

Ödemiş Commodity Exchange has 7 professional committees and approximately 300 active members.

Ödemiş Commodity Exchange, having 5 personnel including secretary general attempts to fulfill its duties as per law numbered 5174.


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