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Ödemiş is a district of İzmir Province located at Aegean Region in the west of Turkey. Ödemiş is the biggest district of İzmir by 129 thousand populations (including the villages). Its distance to İzmir is 113 kilometers. Its elevation from sea is 123 meters and its peak point is Boz Dağlar (Mountains). Its acreage is 107.900 hectare. Küçük Menderes, ("Little Meander"), Cayster River or Kaystros River flows from the middle of the land which a large part of it is bottom.

The region has a Mediterranean climate. It has hot dry summers and mild to cool and wet winters in the district. It snows in Boz and Aydın Mountains, the rate of humidity is 64%. The vegetation cover of Ödemiş is generally maquis. Oak trees, chestnut and Calabrian trees grow in the mountains. Walnut, fig tree, poplar, stone pipe, citrus, oil and fruit trees grow in the lowland.

Ödemiş’s economy is based on agriculture and 36% of acreage is agricultural estate. More than 21 thousand families are engaged in farming and make their livings by farming. The principal agricultural products are potato, fig, olive, sesame, chestnut, tobacco, grape and raw vegetables. The area has fertile soils and three products can be provided from the fields in a year. In addition, Bademli area has a big share in Turkey’s economy in production of nursery storcks and cherry. Besides, the other crucial product in Ödemiş is Ödemiş Bryndza (Tulum Peyniri). There is no one who has not tasted it in all Aegean Region.

The industrial structure of Ödemiş is based on agricultural raw materials. Moreover, Ödemiş has factories and enterprises such as heavy equipment, casting steel, electronic, dairy products, plastic, wood products and oil olive factories. Substantial steps have been taken especially in terms of industrialization in recent years.

*Source: Ödemiş (S 4-5-6) – Historian Writer: Behiç Galip Yavuz

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